10 of our Must-Have Free Fonts

If you’re like me, then you spend a good portion of your week scouring the web for free fonts and other design resources… because who doesn’t love FREE? Below you will find our top 10 can’t-live-without free fonts that will take your designs from “meh” to amazing!



1. The “serif” one

Finding a good serif is like finding your perfect outfit on sale at 99% off. It’s almost impossible! But Cormorant has a whopping 45 different font styles what will make you fall in love with serifs again. Download it HERE.

2. The “all caps” one

Each sleek letter in Ostrich Sans lets you use all caps without looking like you’re screaming your entire sentence.  The smooth curves and soft-rounded ends read sophisticated and slimming. Download it HERE.

3. The “sans serif” one

This 9 weight font family makes Helvetica look like old news. Raleway has a commanding structure and can also be found on Google Fonts for web, so say hello to making this font your website’s new best friend. Download it HERE.

4. The “handwritten” one

Amatic has a youthful vibe without looking like your 8 year-old grabbed a pencil and started going to work. And as a bonus it also comes in a thinner font style. Download it HERE.

5. The “script” one

Bakery is a great font to have for those times when you need your designs to look trendy and handwritten. But unlike the script fonts following it, Bakery has a modern calligraphy feel and can be used with Photoshop textures. Download it HERE.

6. The “cursive” one

I love a good cursive font, and Shorelines gives me the look of pretty writing without the school house feel. Look in the “glyphs” section and you’ll find swashes that can be connected to both the right and left hand letters for a stylized bonus. Download it HERE.

7. The “brush” one

A quirky play on words, Mark my Words is a font based off script made from a marker. Try using a Photoshop style to make the font look like true marker pen! Download it HERE.

8. The “calligraphy” one

Every designer will inevitably need a calligraphy font at some point in his or her career. Whether it’s designing your sister’s best friend’s wedding invitations or your mom’s family cookbook, Stylish Calligraphy will definitely save the day. Download it HERE.

9. The “vintage” one

Vintage script fonts are making a modern comeback, and Nickainley is the perfect font for a logo or title that needs a little splash of retro without feeling “old school”. Download it HERE.

10. The “hipster” one

Because why not? Everyone loves a good hipster font that looks like it was carved out of wood by a sexy lumberjack. Parker screams “adventure” and not to mention looks great placed over an Instagram photo of you staring down at your $8 cup of coffee. Download it HERE.

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