You’ve Been Designing Your Logo Wrong

designing your logo wrong

As graphic designers we have to constantly battle the urge to jump straight onto the computer and dive into a design. I mean, isn’t that what we were taught to do?? But digital doesn’t always produce the design we want right away, and that’s when we have to go back to having a pencil love affair. So let’s go over the process and importance of sketching our logos before we digitize them, because maybe you’re designing your logo wrong.

Whenever I am designing a logo for the first time I immediately sit down with pen and paper in hand and start simply sketching. It let’s the creative side of my brain have a say in the process before my logical side tries to focus on perfect lines and symmetry. I usually start by drawing loose shapes and rough lettering, getting a feel for how I want the design to be. It’s less about perfection and more about conceptualizing. So draw, draft, doodle, sketch or illustrate your heart out. I see young designers all the time who are eager to get into the Adobe suite and stretch their new found skill set. They pick a color, find a font and boom. Logo. But it’s those times when even I was in the same boat that I realized I could do better, and I learned exactly how.

So back to pen and paper. Or pencil and paper. Whichever is an arm’s reach away. Beginning with the basic shapes and lines helps you start to see how you want your logo to look. Is it inside a shape? Purely typography? Or maybe illustrated? Draw 5, draw 15. Draw until you see a design that gets you excited. That’s when you are ready to sit down, pick up your digital pen and start designing your logo right.


P.S. To see how these sketches made it to an actual logo, click here!

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