How To Be the Ultimate Planning Expert in the New Year

We’ve all wanted to be the ultimate planning expert, and 2017 is the year to learn! I have always obsessed with staying organized and keeping track of my tasks, making sure I knew what was coming in the days ahead and how to tackle them. But now I want to share with you my single favorite trick on becoming the organizing expert you want—lists!

Making lists is something I have done time and time again to become a planning expert. It helps me keep my mind from overflowing with the constant chores of life and making sure I don’t forget projects that seem overwhelming at the time. I am an expert at lists on everything from groceries and to-do’s to yearly goals and weekly planners. It seems that each time I create a list, stuff actually gets done. So become an ultimate planner and download 5 free lists HERE!

How To Make a Good List

The key to making a good list is to sit down when you’re not already overwhelmed. Your head needs to be clear yet ready to list off the tasks at hand. And while a list is always useful to calm a stressful mind, I usually sit down to make a list at the start of a new week. The first step is to have organizer paper that makes you happy. It sounds silly but writing on a piece of paper that makes you smile reduces stress and will actually get you excited about getting organized. I have cleared entire shelves at Marshall’s that held adorable stationery and office paper. So find a pad of paper with kittens or unicorns and put it in a place you’ll see it often.

Once you have a good paper pad, think of all the things you need to get done and number them in order of importance. Not only does this help you keep track of tasks you complete, but it gives hierarchy to things that need to get done first. This will help you feel accomplished when you finish the bigger projects and feel like the smaller ones aren’t as ominous. Not all responsibilities are equal and once you understand that and put it to action that better you’ll become at planning.

Goal Lists

Making a goal list at the beginning of the year, month and week is a tried and true tradition I have adopted into my life. By labeling certain jobs as a goal rather than a “must-do” task, it bears more importance and becomes something you look forward to. A period of time without goals can feel meaningless as we have nothing of significance keeping us moving forward, and once a year doesn’t have to be the only time for New Years resolutions. I set goals at the beginning of my weeks and months so I can plan to have more productive days ahead. Download a printable goal guide HERE.

Weekly Planners

Having your week laid out at a glance is the best thing you can do to become an expert planner. If you don’t have a weekly schedule laid out, now is the time to change that! Jot down appointments, meetings, dinner plans, projects due and places you need to be so that you can see your week laid out and prepare for what’s to come. Because how can you be a good planner if you can’t see what you’re doing on what days? I even recommend keeping a planner on the go in your bag for times when you make an appointment outside of the house and would normally forget. And don’t forget to make it a cute one! But for now, start by downloading this freebie HERE!

I know planning ahead may seem at times like a mundane task that only adds stress to your life when looking at everything you have to do, but I promise that if you start making lists and creating a plan, your life will become easier and projects that seem to take up space in your mind will start to be more productive once they’re in a list in front of you. So go ahead and conquer 2017 like a planning boss!

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