How to Choose the Perfect Clients

We all know that feeling—it’s the end of the month and the desperation for more freelance work comes creeping in. And believe me, I’ve SO been there. I’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel and sometimes that means accepting any project that comes along. And usually with that last-minute project comes a not-so-great client. But by doing this I have figured out just how to find and choose the perfect clients!

1. Do they agree on and accept your hourly or project rate?

The first way to tell if you and a potential client will work well together is if they respect you and understand that you are running a business too. A good client should have no problem agreeing on your price, and if they do have a question or concern they will offer to negotiate or even barter something that will still be of value to you.

2. Do they respect your time?

Working as a freelancer can be frustrating because we don’t work in a set office with 8am-5pm hours. Some of us work early in the morning taking the afternoon off. Some use the evening and early hours of the morning for work while they enjoy sleeping in until noon. Whatever your freelance work schedule is, you shouldn’t be bombarded by a client on holidays, weekends or even obscure hours of the night. The right client will understand your schedule and keep their emails to a minimum.

3. Do you both communicate well?

This brings me to my third topic—communication. Since most if not all of your interaction with freelance clients will be through technology instead of face-to-face, communication is key! If a client you are working with writes snarky emails or has an irritated tone in their phone calls that gives you the beginnings of an anxiety attack, they might not be the best fit for you. A great client will calmly tell you their concerns and act professionally.

Finding the perfect client can be frustrating, but if you get a feel for who they are before you sign a contract or start on a project, you will avoid a bad client struggle and you’ll be able to sleep better at night…. or morning. I don’t judge you night owls.



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