Why & How to Schedule Your Social Media

Today I’m excited to talk to you about how to schedule your social media and why it’s so important! This is something that has taken me a while to learn and I am STILL learning the ways of automating things in my business. But social media is a great place to start because it’s so important to businesses and it’s become the lifeblood of networking these days. So why does something so important seem so daunting?? Well no worries because I’m here to take that worry away.

Why is social media so important?

Think of social media as a digital business card or virtual billboard. It looks pretty while also giving information to your customers about who you are as a business and how to contact you. Social media should have a purpose and structure instead of looking like a hot mess of random photos and quick one-liners. You are sending a message to your audience and believe me when I say they WILL judge you based on what they see. A good rule of thumb I learned is this: the last thing you post on social media could be the first thing a new customer sees. What will they think when they stumble across your page?

Why should I schedule my social media?

Before I started scheduling social media with the help of my amazing social media manager and team member, Ashlee, I felt like I was posting whenever and whatever I could at the moment or when I had time. As a result my following was increasing at a slow rate and I didn’t feel like my audience really knew who I was or what my business was all about. My feed didn’t look consistent and my content was stale- not what a growing business wants! I also found myself getting stressed out realizing that my blog was supposed to post early in the morning and I hadn’t even started writing at 11pm the night before! Learning how to schedule ahead of time gave me the advantage of planning my theme for the week and helped me focus on other things my businesses needed me for!

How do I schedule my social media?

There are many factors that go into scheduling and automating your content, and the first thing to do is to learn about your audience and when they are online. Once I sat down with Ashlee, we made a plan that worked for my business and determined what times and days were best to post on—very important! We also looked at all the options for scheduling apps and programs and chose one that fit our team best. Once we decided what days and times to post, I made a schedule for what I was going to blog about and links I wanted to post for the month. This is great because you can look ahead and schedule things days and even weeks in advance! So choose a scheduler and take some time to see how the platform works. Some of the tools we use are below!

1. Buffer

We love Buffer because it’s a simple platform to use and it’s a free account for small businesses that only need 1 social media account on any platforms. It also has the ability to show you analytics, engagement and interactions with your posts. They also send you customized report cards with all the info you need to track your scheduled posts. Try them for free HERE!

2. Google Docs

I love Google Docs for the simple reason that you can create a document (or in this case a social media calendar), save links you want to post and share the list with your team. It’s the best way to save content in one place and keep adding to the list, crossing off each thing you post so you never repeat anything.

3. Asana

When talking back and forth with your team or social media manager, it’s important to have a dedicated place where all your social media ideas and conversations are stored. Asana is amazing for that reason- it takes the frustration out of emailing back and forth or risking the loss of important information. So cut the confusion and streamline your social media chats. And did we mention it’s free for small teams?? Check them out HERE!

4.Google Calendar

Lastly, Google Calendar is a lifesaver when it comes to reminding me about my social media posts. I created reminders for each day and time a post is scheduled to go out just so I can monitor things or post “in the moment”. Buffer doesn’t schedule all platforms for their free price and sometimes I just want a reminder to ping me and say- “remember to take a cool photo today” or “put something neat on Instagram stories!”. It also helps remind your team of times when things need to be scheduled and keeps everyone on their toes 🙂

So just remember that social media is key for any business and it doesn’t have to be a stressor. I still suggest posting in the moment as it will help connect with your audience, but don’t be afraid to get things automated and take that extra time to do something else! It will pay off in the end my friend.

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