The story of me

The story of me is simple: I was born as an indie flower child to parents who taught me to be beautifully independent. I curiously made my way through school and exercised my inner artist by coloring on the walls in my pink jelly shoes. Soon those scribbles turned into collages from the pages of lovely magazines I found myself getting lost in. I loved the feeling that creating gave me, but I went into college following my 16-year passion—dance. Like art, dancing made me feel like a human butterfly and I could forget about the world for a moment. But the world didn’t forget about me. At 18 I realized my passion for art and design was far greater than I expected, and I never looked back after changing majors and changing my life.

By 22 I got offered a job full-time at a publishing company that printed over 36 different magazine titles each year. I took the challenge head on while still a design student and finished school at 24 in 2011. 8 days after accepting my diploma I was on an airplane traveling across the world for a 6-week European backpacking trip with my original partner in crime, my sister. The things I saw in 9 different countries and 36 cities completely changed my life. I was exposed to another way of living, and I couldn’t get enough. When I got home from Europe I began making arrangements for another crazy chapter in my life and gave in to the call that another crazy adventure was beckoning—New York City.

By February of 2012 I was flying yet again to an unknown destination. I knew no one, had no job set up, and was only armed with 2 suitcases and $500 to my name. Luckily for me, fate brought me to work at the corporate offices of P.S. by Aeropostale designing retail windows and stores all over the US. Over the course of a year, I worked harder, slept less and accepted more design challenges than I had in my entire life. They say that if you’re not ready for it, New York will chew you up and spit you back out.. and they were right. 12 months into my adventure I found myself longing for the breezes of the West Coast again. My true flower child self had earned a golden New York star, but my heart did not belong among the towering buildings and dark-dressed crowds. So I packed my bags once again and moved back to sunny California.

I believe that the things you experience in your life prep you for things to come, and every challenge is an adventure in disguise. I am so grateful for my past and am even more in love with my future. After New York broke me, I continued to follow my love for design and worked several more jobs in offices and with freelance clients. I married my dream boy from the hidden Central Coast and am now able to freelance full-time. It’s a dream come true and I’m excited to share more about my journey and why I have something to offer to the other designers in the world of graphics and art.

So follow me in this blog of awesomeness—I promise you won’t be disappointed.



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  • Lisa Edwards

    March 15, 2016 at 9:29 pm

    I love your story and your spirited heart. You will make the world a more beautiful place with your creativity!